On a Nostalgic Trip With Lamy

Let’s take a trip down memory lane on a nostalgic trip with Lamy. Around this time about 40 years ago, Lamy introduced the Safari collection of fountain pens in two colors. A red and a Green. Both of these were in matt finishes.

Lamy Safari Savannah green and Terra red fountain pens

I have personally not seen the originals, as they were introduced when I had just born, and not sure if they had reached Indian shores either. But what captivates my attention to these two beauties is the warmth in the colors when you hold them. They are very earthy colors and hence also named aptly. The green is called the Savannah and red is called the Terra red or the Terracota red.

Lamy Savannah Green

Lamy Terra Red

Being on a nostalgic trip with Lamy, I wonder if there is any difference in the looks and finish of the pen compared to the ones available 4 decades ago. I presume the nib would have remained the same but the product finish would have improved considerably.

Do share your comments of comparison if anybody still holds or has used the Lamy safari from the 1970s.

About Lamy Safari

Lamy Safari fountain is regarded as one of the best fountain pens ever made. These are the world favorite's for beginners and students and would easily rank in the top 5 fountain pens under 50$ price range.

  • The Nib – Lamy Safari comes with a sturdy steel nib that’s made to last for decades if maintained well. They get seasoned over a period of time due to the user’s style of holding and using the pen.
  • The Grip – A grip section designed to ensure the way you hold the pen cannot go wrong. The user’s fingers get into a writing position that cannot change and that’s why parents prefer to gift their school-going children a Lamy safari to start their journey with the world of fountain pens. Once the grip on the pen is mastered, your handwriting will tend to remain the same or unchanged even while changing pens. Lamy Safari pens are the stepping stone to building a great handwriting
  • The Clip – Perfect spring-loaded clip ensures ease of use and also prevents an accidental drop of the fountain pen from the pocket. The clip holds onto the pocket firmly.
  • The ink supply – Lamy provides its proprietary ink cartridge and convertor system with each of its pens. The Lamy cartridges are available only in a long size and the Lamy Z 28 convertor holds about 1.1 ml of ink. It is advisable to use Lamy inks, no matter which pen you use. They are one of the best and are great on paper.

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