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How were the top 15 pen ink bottles selected for 2024?

The top 15 pen ink bottles were carefully selected based on their quality, performance, customer reviews, and popularity in the fountain pen community.

What criteria were used to determine the must-have status of these inks?

The must-have status of these inks was determined based on factors such as color vibrancy, saturation, shading properties, flow consistency, quick-drying properties, resistance to fading, compatibility with various paper types and overall writing experience.

What are the different types of fountain pen inks available at Makoba?

At Makoba, we offer a wide range of fountain pen inks, including traditional colors, shimmering inks, metallic inks, iron gall inks and specialty inks with unique properties.

Are there any special care instructions for using fountain pen inks?

It's essential to clean your fountain pen regularly, especially when switching between ink colors. Our team can provide you with detailed care instructions to ensure optimal performance. Proper maintenance involves thorough cleaning and flushing of the pen to prevent color mixing and ensure consistent ink flow.

Are there any special considerations when using shimmering or metallic fountain pen inks?

Shimmering and metallic inks require gentle agitation before use and regular pen maintenance to prevent clogging due to the presence of shimmer particles. Also, using a broad nib or a Stub nib would provide and reflect more shimmering properties of the ink.

Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options for fountain pen inks available?

Yes, there are eco-friendly fountain pen inks made from natural dyes and sustainable materials. We can introduce you to environmentally conscious ink options. If you're passionate about sustainability and conscious consumerism, you're in for a treat. Robert Oster Signature® Fountain Pen Inks are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Robert Oster Inks are made from recycled chemical waste - recyclable PET bottle. PET is the world's most recycled plastic and much more often recycled than glass bottles. Robert Oster Signature Fountain Pen Inks are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Plastics and metallic materials are not used. There is no animal testing involved either. Robert Oster Inks are Indeed a drink for your pen. Kaweco has also introduced cruelty-free, vegan inks in sustainable packaging. They have improved the packaging by no longer using plastic but cardboard. The new ink glasses are more efficient, which noticeably reduces the CO2 footprint. All of Noodler's inks are vegan. The glass bottles are simple and affordable and the cardboard boxes are recycled

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