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Writing Comparison of Leonardo Pens

Fountain Pen size comparison

Hi folks, today we are doing a writing comparison of Leonardo pens. On comparison will be stainless steel nibs on Momento zero collection and the nibs we will be using today are fine, medium, and broad. These are the type of Nibs currently available.

What we know from Leonardo is the release of all zises of nibs very soon i.e from EF Flex to S1.5 in Steel Nibs and the 14KT Gold nib would also have the BB which is not present currently in the steel versions.

You may wonder, What nib is used in Momento Zero fountain pens?

For their Momento zero collection, Leonardo uses Bock nibs made in Germany. These are the standard #6 size nibs with the screwable unit. These nibs can be changed easily by anybody without any technical help. Bock nibs, as we all know are very popular and preferred by many brands worldwide. They deliver performance and are great to use. Below is a comparison pick of the Leonardo #6 nib units.

Now that we know about the nib type, let’s do a writing comparison of Leonardo pens. For the test purpose, we have used Nakabayash logical prime notebooks. These are fountain pen friendly and extremely good paper.

Leonardo momento zero in fine nib writing sample.

Leonardo Writing Sample of Fine Nib Leonardo Momento zero fine nib, is great to use. There is hardly any feedback and the ink flow is consistent. ( I guess this is the standard in all bock nibs) Also, another reason could be a nice Nakabayashi paper used. But overall for writers with relatively smaller handwriting this is an excellent choice.
Leonardo Momento zero in medium writing sample
Leonardo Writing Sample in Medium Nib The Momento zero medium nib has a considerable difference from fine. The nib is wetter and the flow of ink is just superb. Didn’t find any sort of hiccup during the test. Not that the fine nib had hiccups. Even that was smooth. Just that for all obvious reasons, the medium nib is smoother and writes well on the paper.
Leonardo momento zero with broad writing sample
Leonardo Writing Sample with Broad NibBroad nibs are the best of all when one wants to experience super smooth writing and for signatures. Broad nibs are ideal for people who have larger handwriting. Suggested to use is a good quality paper or notebook as broad pens are wetter and will tend to smudge the paper.
Leoanrdo Writing Comparison between fine, medium and broad nibsIn my personal opinion, Leonardo pens are great to write with. You may find reviews of Leonardo pens all over varios social media platforms.
Check out the official Leonardo Instagram page.

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Writing Comparison of Leonardo Pens