Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen

Platinum Curidas all colours

The most awaited pen of 2020, The Platinum Curidas fountain pen is finally here. After a hiatus and delays due to the pandemic, the Pen is now open for Pre-bookings starting Feb 24, 2020.

Platinum Curidas Fountain pen at Makoba India

In the rapidly changing world around us today, speed is becoming more important in business. With the new CURIDAS retract- able fountain pen, one no longer need to worry about having trouble opening a cap when you have the other hand full and miss a chance to take a note on important occasions, which is one of the common problems seen with capped fountain pens. CURIDAS is a coined term created by combining the Japanese word referring to extending the pen tip CURIDAS and Curiosity.


The new fountain pen was brought to life to fulfill people’s curiosity. To keep the nib from drying out and to provide smooth writing, a high sealed pocket is created with soft material to enhance airtightness. At the same time, the pocket size is minimized to retain the moisture. Available nib sizes are fine and medium in stainless steel. The pens come along with a cartridge for instant use once out of the box. Available in 5 translucent body colors, i.e Prism Crystal, Graphite Smoke, Urban Green, Abyss Blue, Gran red. Shop for Platinum Curidas at Makoba, India's fountain pen destination.

The Nib

Nib in the Platinum Curidas is of steel and available in 2 variants i.e Fine and Medium. It’s a different profile of nib, unseen in any other series of platinum pens. It’s slimmer in size compared to platinum preppy or the platinum plaisir. Fine in Platinum Curidas is almost like the Extra fine of European brands i.e Lamy, Schneider, etc.

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