Pilot Custom Urushi VS MB149

Leonardo fountain pen nib closeup

The most exciting day in the life of every pen enthusiast. A day when he gets to experience and compares a PILOT CUSTOM URUSHI VS MB149. Today is my lucky day because I will also be comparing the already large nib pens with a new pen brand, Leonardo from Italy.

Today on the comparison table is the Pilot Custom Urushi, Montblanc 149, and the Leonardo Dark Hawaii with #8 Nib.

Comparison of Large nib fountain pens

Pen Comparison

At first glance, they are just majestic. The big daddy of fountain pens.

The feel of holding the Montblanc 149 is too mesmerizing. It kind of gives you the power and an adrenaline rush that pushes one to put this pen to work immediately. Made for people who want to make a statement. It is usually perceived, Montblanc 149 is made for people with larger palm sizes or who have a large build. This is not true completely. I personally feel it is the attitude with which you carry this pen that matters. I have a client who would be about 5.8 Ft tall and as slim as a model walking a ramp walk, but the way he carries the Montblanc 149 is magnificent. I reiterate, that attitude matters when using an MB 149.

Next is the all-encompassing Pilot Custom Urushi. When viewed individually it may feel to be similar in size to an MB 149. In reality, it’s bigger and a bit heavier too. To hold the Pilot custom Urushi is like holding a fine piece of Japanese workmanship. The fine contours at the ends smoothly merge with the flat top and the bottom. The Pilot Custom Urushi has a minimalistic aura around it, truly exhibiting the Japanese philosophy of simple and elegant designing.

New kid in the block!! Not any more. Leonardo has proved way beyond any speculation, it is the brand of the future. Within such a short span of time, Leonardo mas made a mark for itself in the world of fountain pens and has done exceptionally well. One of the most dynamic brands at present, launching new editions at the snap of a finger. On the comparison table with Pilot Custom Urshi, Montblanc 149 is the Momento Zero Grande. The first look impresses as it’s a bit slimmer in grith than the MB 149 and the Pilot Custom Urushi. In length, Leonardo Momento Zero Grande is a tad longer than the MB 149 and definitely smaller than the Pilot Custom Urushi in all aspects. Leonardo Momento Zero Grande is available in over a dozen shades of acrylic and ebonite. This model is also the preferred model for most of the Leonardo Special edition pens i.e Leonardo Musis, Leonardo Speranza, and Leonardo Pura. The grande series comes with an inbuild piston mechanism like the MB 149.

Nib Comparison

The most essential part of this article. Comparison of the large nib fountain pens.

PILOT CUSTOM URUSHI VS MB 149 VS Leonardo fountain pen nib closeup

PILOT CUSTOM URUSHI VS MB 149 VS Leonardo fountain pen nib closeup

In Sheer size, all the three nibs look almost the same. The king-size nibs. But technically each brand calls its Nib differently. For example, the Pilot Urushi is a #30 Nib, The Montblanc 149 is a #9 Nib and the Leonardo Momento zero grande is a #8 Nib size. All three have their own respective writing characteristics.

The Nib in pilot custom urushi is made of solid 18KT gold and is a bit springy in nature and the tines split with slight pressure. for a seasoned fountain pen user, one can use the medium nib pen to get a broad writing style with variation in pressure.

Nib in Montblanc 149 is also made of 18KT solid gold. It’s a great pen to write for longer durations. The nib has a nice wet flow which is consistent. This iconic model from Montblanc is around since 1952 without any major design changes and still, even after 69 years it has the highest perceived value and is on the wishlist of most fountain pen users. Owning a 149 is an aspiration that can cost you around Rs 74000.00 in India. If you are looking to own one, get in touch with us and we would do the needful.

Now coming to the Leonardo MZ Grande with a #8 Nib. The nib is as large as its predecessors i.e Pilot and Montblanc. Leonardo #8 Nib is made of 14KT Solid gold. This nib is also comparable to Sailor King of Pens ( KOP) and the Pelikan M1000. It’s an extremely smooth nib that glides on paper.

First Impression

This article was all about the first impressions and comparison of Pilot Custom Urushi VS MB149 and other large nibbed fountain pens. A detailed review of their nature of writing and impressions would be done at a future date.

To conclude, I would like to sum it up as it’s one hell of a buy. It is imperative that a fountain pen connoisseur has owned a large nib fountain pen or also called as King of Pens. You can choose any that fits your budget but do get your hands on one.

Happy Writing!!


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