Leonardo Pura Fountain Pen

Leonardo Pura collection fountain pen- Coming soon

LEONARDO PURA Collection  Momento zero Grande demonstrator

Leonardo Pura fountain pen is to be launched in 3 captivating transparent resins with a satin finish that enhances the internal soul of the “Pura” fountain pen. Composed with more than 20 manually worked details, “Pura” is carved out of a solid bar of resin, that make this writing instrument pleasant to the touch and exciting to the eye.

Salvadore chooses, vivid and vibrant colors Anthracite Gray, Aqua Blue, and Flame Orange to create this marvelous looking Leorano pura collection. To make the collection even more exciting, all three colors are created with trims that complement and add beauty and character to the fountain pen. Trims used are

• Palladium 
• Yellow gold 
• Ruthenium

Leonardo Orange Pura Fountain Pen Leonardo Grey Pura Fountain Pen Leonardo Blue Pura Fountain Pen 


The Leonardo Pura fountain pens are fixed with #6 size nibs with extra-resistant lamination for a greater smoother writing experience. These are friction assembled (not screwed) and easily removable. The fountain pen will be available in F, M, and B, grades of steel nib. The feed used in the pen is made of ebonite. In trend now, the ebonite feeder in the fountain pen is supposed to ensure a smooth flow of ink and a consistent writing experience. The inbuilt piston filling mechanism has a capacity of 1.5ml ink. Both the black ebonite feed and piston are produced inhouse.


Each Leonardo Pura fountain pen is packed in an exclusive box with a complimentary bottle of Ink. It also includes the international warranty card.


  • The Pura collection is a Numbered edition but not a limited collection.
  • The fountain pen is handcrafted, it is possible to find micro turning marks inside the pen body and cap.


Expected price of the pura collection is about 27995.00

The Leonardo collection is expected to hit the Indian shores by mid of April 2021. To pre-book your Pura with your choice of nib drop an email at sripal @makoba.com or WhatsApp us here.

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