Fountain Pens for Doodling

You read it right. Fountain pens for doodling is a new art form. There was an era, where fountain pens were the preferred instrument for writing world over. A fountain pen was the medium to express, be it a poem or a love letter. It was a medium to communicate. From drafting letters to notices. From drafts to legal documents. Then there was a period when the fountain pen was left to the mere use of signatures.

Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, the fountain pen has found new meaning and use. Little did anybody guess that fountain pens one day would be used to create art and sketches. With the wide variety of inks available today creating art with pen & ink is picking up as a great hobby. There are 100’s of ink shades from various brands. Various ink types are available like Shimmer inks, Sheen inks, Permanent inks, Glow inks, Luminous inks, etc etc etc.

Today with fountain pen doodling, many art are created. Today, I will show how an art made from Pen & Ink art is use to illustrate an important day ” Fathers Day.

My dear friend Vishal Singhi, is one such Pen & Ink art enthusiast. On my request, he readily agreed and created a fountain pen doodle which illustrates the special relationship between father and son. Below is the original shared by Vishal.


The above work was created with over 8 different inks.

  1. Private reserve buttercup
  2. Krishna halloween orange
  3. Pelikan Edelstein jade
  4. Montblanc Irish green
  5. Visconti black
  6. Private reserve ebony purple
  7. Robert Oster bondi blue
  8. Iroshizuku tsukushi

For our fathers day marketing activity, we used this creative and promoted a 10% discount till July 30th. Below creative was the resulting output.


Art has always been known as a great stress buster. Now’s the time. If you are into fountain pens, do try your hands at some casual doodling. Don’t worry about the outcome. It will get better with time if you start enjoying it. Do lookout for some great art with pen & ink classes on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Will share more artworks and art forms in my upcoming posts. Untill then have a great day.

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