Doodling With Fountain Pens

Doodle with fountain pens

Fountain pens are definitely something more than just for writing. I firmly believe that one can do much more than just signatures or little writing that we do in our daily lives. The way we communicate may have adapted to digital means by fountain pens are here to stay and still create the impact they used to. Fountain pens are back in vogue and not just for writing or for signatures, but in a completely new avatar. Doodle with a fountain pen is the next thing and a new form of art.

The Fountain pens in current times are not used much for writing letters but are definitely coming back for a variety of other reasons. Fountain pens today can be used for many things apart from just writing and one of them is using them for fun doodling. You can create masterpieces with fountain pen sketching and many are doing it, however, I personally prefer, making fun and quick doodles as I find them less time consuming and quick to complete. Ah, a sense of accomplishment engulfs me every time I finish one.


Why do l like to draw/doodle with fountain pens?

  • I Love the way a fountain pen glides on paper which makes it fun
  • It enables me to test a new fountain pen with respect to the nib and ink flow
  • It helps to understand how different inks behave with different nibs.
  • I carry fountain pens on me all the time, so it’s handy.
  • I do not need to sharpen it like my pencil 😉
  • I can get different line variations depending upon the pen I am using or by holding it at different angles
  • Nowadays ink colors come in shades that are no less than any shade card of any wall painting company
  • I can use it as mixed media and add a combination of gel pen and ink pen, or use wash techniques with ink pens.  
  • Using fountain pens over pencils or sketch pens for fun doodling gives me a feeling of safeguarding nature, as I do not have to add a lot of plastic waste or pencil shavings.
  • It is not expensive as now we can get fountain pens starting at 150 rupees that can easily last for years.


Scribbling or doodling with a fountain pen, in itself has many benefits with some of them researched and proven by studies. Some of the benefits of doodling include memory improvement, increased levels of brain activity, increased levels of creativity, focus and concentration and acts as a stress buster. Now that studies from researches are known, doodling for me becomes an even more satisfying experience.

I have been doodling for a long time; however, have now started posting some basic work with videos and some tutorials on my Instagram handle @fountainpendoodles. My latest contribution was 7days 7 doodles on music. I did this with Ranga Pens and inks from RobertOster, Krishna, Pelikan, and Monteverde.


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