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Comparison between Leonardo Fountain Pens

Comparison between leonardo Momento zero and Leonardo momento zero grande fountain pens

Hello folks! I am back after a month-long sabbatical. Well not sabbatical exactly in these times of Covid-19. It’s just that me and my dear wife, we had a bit of tug of war with the virus. Nothing to worry and we are back in action now. Today lets run a comparison between Leonardo Fountain pens

Leonardo Fountain Pens

Leonardo Momento Zero is the regular-sized pen from Leonardo Italy. We can also call them the classic pens which are of standard size that fits all kinds. Momento zero are nor big or small. They are fitted with an International standard Convertor. Momento zero can also use international standard cartridges if required. Currently, these pens are available with Steel nibs either in Gold finish or rhodium finish that matches the trims of the pen.

Talking about the nibs. Leonardo Momento zero use #6 nibs made by Bock. The nib units are available in Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub sizes and three finishes i.e Gold finish, Rhodium finish and Ruthenium finish.

On the other hand,

Leonardo Momento Zero Grande is the big brother of Momento zero. As the name suggests, these pens appear grander because of their larger size. Leonardo Momento zero grande fountain pens originally had a fixed convertor concept, meaning only an ink bottle can be used. The older version had a false cap at the bottom which revealed the piston turner to fill in Ink. The recent launch of the Momento zero grande collection is a true piston filler. These have a larger ink reservoir compared to the Momento zero series.

Talking about the Leonardo Momento zero grande nibs. They are #6 nibs that are friction fit. The feeder is made of ebonite which is usually considered the reason behind wetter nibs.

Above photo shows the comparison of Leonardo Convertor VS Leonardo Fixed convertor VS Leonardo Piston mechanism fountain pens.

If you are a person with smaller hands or like regular size pens, then Momento Zero is the perfect choice for your day to usage.

If you are one of those few mighty ones with larger hands or if you prefer pens with weight, then surely you should opt for the Leonardo Momento zero grande. These are definitely majestic in feel and would surely give you an adrenaline rush.

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Comparison between Leonardo Fountain Pens