ASC Maharaja Of India Fountain Pen

ASC Maharaja of India Fountain Pen

Armando Simoni Club or ASC launches a stunning tribute to India. ASC Maharaja of India Fountain Pen. Crafted from the rare OMAS Celluloid, same as the ASC Gladiatore Medio Arco Bronze Fountain Pen, The Maharaja has all the right elements suited to the title. LIMITED TO JUST 40 PCS WORLDWIDE.

If you closely recollect, in recent times, there are quite a few brands that have brought out exclusive fountain pens themed at Indian Culture and Heritage. Of the few that I could recollect, some are the Lord Ganesh series by Caran D Ache, Lord Balaji series by Sailor, Lord Shiva by Caran D AChe, Goddess Lakshmi pen by Noblia, The Taj Mahal by Visconti, The Taj Mahal by Montblanc. These are some of the prominent pen brands and on the wish list of Many many Indian fountain pen collectors.

With the launch of “The Maharaja” Fountain pen, ASC has up the ante and touched the core of Indian heritage. The opulence and grand lifestyle of Indian Maharajas were popular the world over. The grandeur of the Indian Maharaja is evident from their majestic palaces, the monuments they commissioned, and the fleet of vintage cars owned by them.

ASC Maharaja fountain pen has incorporated two beautiful timeless elements. The motif of the elephant combined with the flower in white enamel work on the ring of the cap. And the elephant engraved on the 18KT gold nib. In Indian culture, Elephants have always had a special place and also worshiped.

Before I forget, let me also add the presence of a Ruby stone beautifully set into the cap just under the clip. The precious stone, comes along with a certification of authenticity along with the the other catalogs and Limited edition certificates.

With the beautiful pen, you also get a certificate for the Ruby stone and a Certificate of the pen itself with the Limited edition number mentioned on it.

The Works: Both the band on the cap and the barrel display fine intricate enamel work depicting the majestic elephant and decorated with fine flower pattern. Enamel work is an intricate art form and needs years of practice to perfection
The Packaging: The ASC Maharaja Of India Fountain Pen is well packed in a large luxurious wooden box. The box has two layers. The top holds the Pen and a Pen pouch. What’s interesting is the second layer. The bottom is created in a way to hold about 7 pens.


ASC Maharaj of India fountain pen, an edition limited to just 40 Pcs is available right here in India. A great opportunity to own a piece of Indian heritage that will go up in value for great reasons. Amazing material, great craftsmanship,

  • Intricate enamel work
  • Rare Celluloid
  • Large 18KT Gold Nib
  • Genuine Ruby stone
  • Pneumatic piston filler

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