AP Limited Editions

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Founded by Anuj Poddar in 2006 in California, AP Limited Editions are not just another writing instrument but a work of art. Hand crafted by a small set of skilled artists, AP Limited Edition Fountain Pens celebrate multiculturalism and reflect on the country’s rich diversity. This luxury brand aims to create writing products that can be handed down to generations to come. Some of the popular products from the company include the AP Limited Edition Bespoke and the AP Limited Edition Urushi Lacquer Apart from these they have also created an exquisite collection of AP Limited Editions Rollerballs that are also created using Urushi. Visit Makoba India to experience luxury with an exclusive collection of AP Limited Editions.



Armando Simoni Club

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This is a company created by the collectors for the collectors. ASC Fountain Pens are designed to combine beauty with functionality. By stretching new boundaries with every product, ASC Pens discover new intersections of beauty, tradition and utility. Every pen designed is a legacy passed on from generation to generation. Products such as the ASC Bespoke Bologna Extra and the ASC Gladiatore Medio are collectibles fancied by pen connoisseurs worldwide. Visit Makoba India to get your hands on some exquisite pens by the Armando Simoni Club.


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HERITAGE “MADE IN ITALY” The Verona family, which leads the company, has been involved in writing business for more than four generations. Today Aurora is the only authentic Italian brand in the sector, with its single end to end production plant in Turin founded in 1919. The company has headed the development of writing instruments, always maintaining the right balance between artisan craftsmanship and technology and creating unique products. 


Caran d'Ache

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The only phrase that is associated with this brand is “Swiss Made”. Caran D’Ache Fountain Pens, Caran D’Ache Ball Pens and Caran D’Ache Pencils have gained worldwide popularity due to the quality of materials, the brilliance of their design and most importantly, their experience of writing. CDA Ballpens are known to have the smoothest click mechanism in any pen in the world making them one of the most sought-after products for pen lovers. Some of the highly demanded products from the brand include the CDA Popline series, the Caran D’Ache Balaji and the Caran D’Ache Leman. Visit Makoba India to get your hands on this exquisite brand that not only offers pens and pencils but is also known for other accessories like the CDA Pastels and CDA Watercolors.


Cleo Skribent

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Cleo Skribent is a brand that uses the highest quality materials such as rare woods and precious metals in all its pens. Cleoskribent Fountain Pens, Cleoskribent Ballpens and Cleoskribent Rollerballs are a product of countless manual hours of work and long production processes. The brand is known for creating its in-house bi-color nibs for its fountain pens along with processing up to 26 individual parts per pen. Exquisite detail from passionate workers has made Cleoskribent Pens what they are today. Find a plethora of products from this brand only at Makoba India.



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Founded by Richard Cross, this brand aims to create a superior writing experience through their innovative design and quality service. Cross Fountain Pens and Cross  Roller Pens exact attention to detail due to their jewellery quality craftsmanship. Some of the popular models by the brand include the Cross Ferrari, Cross Peerless and the Cross Century. The brand is popular for making some exquisite models in the form of Cross 10KT and Cross 14KT pens that highly demanded by pen lovers around the world. Visit Makoba India to get the best Cross experience in the country.


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Made from globally recognized premium quality colorants, Colorverse Inks write extremely smoothly in different kinds of pens while drying very quickly on paper. This is a brand that will be found in every fountain pen connoisseur's cabinet due to its high quality and striking colors. Some of the famous inks produced by the company include the Colorverse Basic Office Series, the Colorverse Joy in the Ordinary and the Colorverse First Moon Landing Limited Edition. Visit Makoba India to get your hands on a range of colours for your fountain pens. 



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Made in Italy, Since 1982


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With over 150 years in the manufacturing of inks, even today Diamine Inks uses traditional methods and formulas to produce one of the best inks for your fountain pens. Due to their fine quality, they are one of the few inks that are suitable for all brands of fountain pens. Diamine Calligraphy Inks and Diamine Indian Inks are some of the popular products by the company that are highly demanded in the country. Visit Makoba India and dive into the world of Diamine Fountain Pen Inks with a plethora of options to choose from.


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Made in Germany, Diplomat products have always been manufactured using traditional craftsmanship since 1922. Diplomat Fountain Pens along with Diplomat Rollerpens and Diplomat Ballpens have been known to stand the test of time and anchor the link between generations. Each pen is manufactured and manually tested in their workshops under the guidance and expertise of a passionate craftsman. Some of the best-selling models of the brand include the Diplomat Aero, Diplomat Excellence and the Diplomat Traveller. Each fountain pen can also be accompanied by some exquisite Diplomat Inks for a seamless writing experience. Visit Makoba India to get your hands on a variety of Diplomat products in the country.


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One of the few exquisite Indian brands that is into handcrafted accessories, Elan aims to create an experience that evolves into a journey. Elan Wallets, Elan Cardholders and Elan Executive Folders are just some of numerous products by the company that are utility based elegant designs popularly demanded by professionals across the country. Some of the extensively used products by the brand also include luxurious Elan Laptop Bags which are a product of skilled craftsmanship with attention to detail. Visit Makoba India to experience a plethora of unique high quality Elan products born out of India itself. 


Fisher Space

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space pen that can write in about any condition, at any angle and almost on any surface, the Fisher Space Pen has been on every NASA manned space flight since its debut on the Apollo 7 in 1968. Often known as the “astronauts pen” the cartridges in this pen have been known to last for about 100 years, 3 times longer than an average pen. Some of the well-known collectibles by this brand are the Fisher Space Army Star Insignia, the Fisher Space Bullet, and the Fisher Space Infinium Pens. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a contractor, a tradesman, a journalist or even just a student.. All demand performance and the Space Pen delivers. Visit Makoba India to get your hands on this unique collection of pens from Fisher Space.

J Herbin

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J Herbin is the oldest name in fountain pen inks in the world. Founded in 1670, the company's history can be traced back to a French sailor named Jacques Herbin, who drew on the techniques and innovations found on his voyages to establish himself as a master wax maker, later expanding into the production of ink and fine stationery. J. Herbin's high-quality formulas and array of ink colors are Non toxic in nature and are water based. Herbin uses all natural dyes in their fountain pen inks.

Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss a Germany based brand is one of the top 5 International fashion brands into various accessories like Pens, Watches, Mens accessories etc etc. Makoba.com stocks Various Hugo Boss Luxury pens in India. Hugo Boss pens are designer and appeal to the youth. Hugo Boss pens are ideal Gift for executives and gifts for him.


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With writing instruments that are available in over 40 countries today, Kaweco strongly believes that true sustainability comes with creating the righting things, rather than just creating more ones. Kaweco Fountain Pens are a true representation of the brand's philosophy of keeping high-quality manufacturing at its core. Some of the popular models by the company include the Kaweco Al Sport, Kaweco AC Sports and many more. They have even created products such as the Kaweco Calligraphy Pens especially for all calligraphy enthusiasts out there. Visit Makoba India to get your hands on not just the above-mentioned pens but even the Kaweco Ball pens, Kaweco Rollerpens and Kaweco Inks.

Kwz Inks

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KWZ inks are handmade in Poland and each glass bottle contains 60 mL of handmade fountain pen ink.


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Started in 1930 in Germany, Lamy Fountain Pens, Lamy Rollerballs, and Lamy Ballpens are created by some of Germany’s top designers. In 2017, the company won the “German Brand of the Year” award . They are responsible for some iconic highly demanded models around the world such as the Lamy Safari, Lamy Alstar, Lamy Studio and numerous more. One of their best-selling models till date include the Lamy 2000 Limited Edition. Makoba India is an authorised Lamy Pen Dealer in the country with a vast collection of products ranging from Lamy Pens to Lamy Inks to even Lamy Converters and notebooks.

Leonardo Officina Italiana

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With more than 45 years of experience passed on from generation to generation, the Leonardo Officina Italiana Fountain Pens have a soul and human warmth that only passion can give.
They are one of the few companies in the world to have produced the Leonardo #8 Nib Fountain Pens that are a treat for all writers. Italian Fountain Pens are known for their craftsmanship which is clearly apparent in the Leonardo Momento Zero, Leonardo Musis and the Leonardo Magico series of pens.
We are proud to announce our partnership with Leonardo Officina Italiana as their official partner in the country. Explore more products such as Leonardo Ball Pens and Leonardo Inks exclusively at Makoba India!


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LEUCHTTURM NOTEBOOKS are one of the best to choose from when it comes to selecting a designer and fashionable paper product. All these books have unique features which are useful and interesting. The ivory pages, fashioned edges make these products a fashion friend of human. We are convinced that small details can make a big difference. You can choose the perfect notebook from a choice of 17 different colors.


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With over 40 years of experience into manufacturing of commercial pens, Arun Singhi started Lotus when most people think of retiring. Highly energetic and passionate about pens, Mr Arun Singhi launched Lotus handmade fountain pens in 2015. Very swiftly, Arun Singhi mastered the process of creating Artisanal Indian handmade fountain pens. Some of his creations are mind boggling as is evident from the delicate artwork on his creations. For intricate carving on pens or having them hand painted, Lotus Pens is the go to bespoke pen brand from India. Truly an entrepreneur with eye for detail, Arun Singhi’s Lotus is the tipping point when the Artisanal Indian handmade pen brand originated. Lotus Pens are now available at Makoba India.


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Made in Italy, Moleskine was the preferred notebook of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picaso and Ernest Hemmingway. The Moleskine notebooks usually have 70 gsm acid free ivory paper. Moleskine Classic line of notebooks can be found at Makoba.com the online pen and stationery store. If you are in Chennai, Delhi or Ahmedabad, you can find Makoba the pens, gifts and stationery store near you to get an experience before you decide to buy one.


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Montegrappa Fountain Pens, made from the finest Italian craftsmen, are trophies that augment the art of writing in every pen they manufacture.

By balancing innovation and tradition, this brand is responsible for collectibles such as the Montegrappa Lord of the Rings and the Montegrappa Harry Potter.

Every writing instrument created by the company such as Ballpens, Rollers and Pencils expresses excellence and individual style.

We are proud to be associated with them as Montegrappa's Official Authorised Dealers in the country. Choose your unique product from a vast collection of Montegrappa Limited Editions, Montegrappa Inks etc. Visit Makoba India today!



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Monteverde pens of USA stands for pens that are fashion forward and innovative. Each of their pens made using celluloid or carbon fiber and resin are unique in design and concept. Monteverde boast about making the largest variety of acrylic and carbon fiber pens in the world. Some of their popular collections available at Makoba pen store are Tool Pen, Regatta, Invincia, Impressa, Monza, Poquito, Engage and Luna Desk Set. ExpLore the vast collections of Monteverde Pens at Makoba, The Indian pen store.

Mukul Goyal

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A truly Indian brand, Mukul Goyal designer Home and Office accessories are popular world over. Following the theme of an indulgent man in various forms and shapes depicting various emotions,  Mukul Goyal creations are minimalistic in design and yet very functional. The best seller at Makoba has always been the office range of products like the Mukul Goyal Pen Stand, Mukul Goyal Card Holders, Mukul Goyal Staplers, Mukul Goyal Sciccors etc etc etc. Infact the latest cration, the tray has a good response at our various stores and India. Makoba showcases Mukul Goyal products at its three showrooms in India and also on its online ecommerce portal.



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A traditional player in the stationery Industry, Nakayabashi recently acquired Logical Prime a fountain pen friendly notebook brand fromJapan. Specialty of the logical prime notebook is that they are great to use with fountain pens. They are slim and have a very sturdy built. Logical prime notebooks are available at Makoba pen stores in India and on its online store makoba.com. Experience great writing pleasure and comfort with your favorite, fountain pen on the Logical Prime fountain pen friendly notebooks from Japan. These notebooks are available as both stitched format and spiral bound for greater comfort of holding.


Otto Hutt

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Ottohutt brand makes their fountain pens as if crafting fine silver jewellery and why not as Pens are a man’s know Jewelry since centuries. With their expertise in making solid Silver articles, Ottohutt has used the same expertise in making Solid Silver fountain pens. One of the popular designs from Otto Hutt have been the Design 7. Otto Hutt fountain pens are extremely smooth to right with. It is a best kept secret that Otto Hutt also makes Limited Edition pens for other two World renowned Pen brands. A trusted OEM partner. Ottohutt Ball pens are not left way behind. They come accompanied with easy flow ball pen inks that give an impressive flow on fine paper. Experience, Otto Hutt range of Pens in India at Makoba Pen stores near you in Ahmedabad, Chennai and Delhi. We wil be glad to ship any Otto Hutt pen free of charge to any where in India.


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Parker Fountain Pens, Parker Ballpens and Parker Rollers are innovative fine writing instruments of the highest quality for writers, business professionals and students alike. Exquisitely crafted by their designers using the best materials, Parker is a common household name in the world of writing products. Some of the luxurious editions by the company include the Parker Duofold and the Parker Sonnet that are highly demanded by pen connoisseurs worldwide. Visit Makoba India to experience a plethora of Parker products that are not only limited to pens but even accessories such as Parker Inks and Parker Nibs.


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Pelikan is a brand that stands for reliable and sophisticated writing instruments.  With a state of the art elegance and simplicity, whether that is Pelikan Fountain Pens or Pelikan Roller Ballpens, it is a sweet temptation that is worth giving into. Some of the iconic collectible items that the brand released are the Pelikan M 1000 series, Pelikan M 800 series etc. The company is not only knows for its pens but even their pencils and highlighters along with the perfect companion for your fountain pens - Pelikan Inks such as the exquisite Pelikan Edelstein series.

Pilot - Best Japanese Fountain Pens & Inks

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Another Japanese Fountain Pens brand, Pilot is the oldest and the largest writing instrument manufacturer in Japan. Founded in 1918, Pilot Fountain Pens combines elegance with innovative design to create a seamless writing experience. Some of the numerous collectibles by this brand include the Pilot Custom Urushi, Pilot Justus 95, Pilot Custom 823 and many more. Visit Makoba India to get your hands on these and some exquisite products such as the newer Pilot Iroshizuku Inks and the Pilot Capless pens.


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Known for manufacturing the popular Platinum 3776 Century pens, Platinum Fountain Pens are collectibles that are a must have for all pen connoisseurs. Platinum was the first brand that created and introduced cartridge style ink system in the world. With constant innovation and implementation of new technologies into their manufacturing and design process, the company was able to introduce Platinum Limited Edition Pens, the  Platinum Gathered and the Platinum Celluloid, all of which can be perfectly complemented with either Platinum Mixable Inks or Platinum Carbon Inks.

Ranga Pens

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Rotring writing Instruments was born in 1928. The Bauhas school of art and design aspired for unification of art and craft and at the same time embracing industrialization and mass production. Thus was born Rotring with simple designs and great functionality. Even till date, Rotring drawing instruments are preferred by engineers, architects, product designers, Jewellery designers and fashion designers. The pigment markers offer the widest range of writing tips where as their mechanical pencils Tikky and Rapid Pro were the industry leaders in timless designs yet sturdy models. Over the decades the modest Rotring has been on pencil to fall in love with.


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One of the best Japanese Fountain Pen makers in world, Sailor does perfect justification to its tag of being the “worlds smoothest fountain pen”. Sailor Fountain pens are globally famous for their fine and extra-fine nibs, making them a joy to write with. This intricate craftsmanship and engineering by the company takes you on a memorable journey of writing. They are responsible for the popular series known as the Sailor Professional Gear or more commonly identified as Sailor PG. Visit Makoba India today and get a chance to explore more unique products such as Sailor Limited Editions, Sailor King of Pens and the Sailor 1911 series.


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Pens with chiseled appearance and traditional writing technology. Modern technical innovations and traditional Turkish touch contributes to the soulful Scrikks Pens and accessories. Scrikks are known for making the first Turkish fountain pens and these pens are a fine contribution to the world of pens from Turkey. High quality standards and customer delight is the spine of their creation. Once in history, there was no Turkish business men, who didn’t had Scrikss pen with them.


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Walter Sheaffer, driven by innovation and fuelled by originality started this company over 100 years ago. The brand revolutionized the pen experience for users in America when they patented the Sheaffer Fountain Pen. Every pen by the company has a white dot on it whether that's the Sheaffer Ball Pen or the Sheaffer Roller Ballpen. This simply signifies Sheaffer’s lifetime mechanical warranty for its products. Apart from just pens, products like Sheaffer Combo Gifts Sets, Sheaffer Calligraphy Pens and Sheaffer Inks have become a popular individual and corporate gifting option in the country. Makoba India is an authorized Sheaffer Pen Dealer with a plethora of products from the brand.



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Rhodia paper started in 1932 in Lyon by the Verilac Brothers. The first Rhodia pad was made in 1934 from an old arms warehouse turned into a factory. Rhodia paper was derived from the river Rhode in Lyon where the first paper making unit was setup. In 1997, Clairefontaine tookover Rhodia and moved the manufacturing base to the French Alps. At Makoba, we deal in the original orange cover notebooks and pads a design unchanged since 1932. Rhodia and Clairefontaine, are considered a fountain pen connoisseurs most preferred paper.


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This is a brand that strongly believes that all pens should not only be stylish and well-built but most importantly affordable.
It strives to develop and produce pens that cater to males and females for all occasions and walks of life. Taccia Fountain Pens are an intimate form of communication that cater to all ages. Some of the colourful and attractive lines by the company are the Taccia Hyakko Hisho Limited Edition, Taccia Torchlight and the Taccia Raden Amairo.
Makoba India is the proud dealer of Taccia Pens and Taccia Inks in the country. 


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Authentically Italian, Tibaldi is heart-beating since 1916. Originated in Florence by Giuseppe Tibaldi - a man with a singular passion for making pens, the company proved an industrial dream come true up until 1965.

After several decades of leadership changes, it is now presided by the Aquila family, life-long Italian virtuosos in the pen design and manufacturing industry, and a major proprietor of both Tibaldi and Montegrappa trademarks. 

Today’s collections of pens form a powerful shortlist of iconic pieces from the archives, blending streetstyle trends with fashion metrics.

A reloaded mix of writing staples that strikes as perfectly familiar and incredibly adventurous at the same time. Fluid unisex styles merge in a chic contemporary blur, taking the design to the next level.



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With an aim to manufacture the highest quality and precision writing instruments, TWSBI Fountain Pens and TWSBI Ball Pens are always tailored to the wants and needs of its customers. Some of the popular products by the company include the TWSBI Eco pens, the TWSBI Iris Vac and TWSBI Classic Get your hands on some unique pens along with its accessories such as TWSBI Inks and TWSBI Nibs only at Makoba India.


Vedic Cosmos

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Vedic Cosmos is a series of spiritual books by Nightingale. Vedic Cosmos collections consist of The Bhagwad Gita, The Hanuman Chalisa, Yoga Sutra, Thirukural, The Guru Gita and Sundarkanda. Each of these books is printed in various sizes. Each of this books is printed on a specially imported German paper that’s acid free. The ink used for printing is Vegetable ink there by completely Enviornmentaly friendly. All these books are well packaged there by making an excellent gifting options for Weddings, House Warming ceremonies and for top level executive and top management gifting. Makoba displays all collections of Vedic Cosmos products at our stores and also online.


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A symbol of prestige and creativity, Visconti Fountain Pens are hand crafted by their special artisans. Special collections by the brand such as the Visconti Homosapiens, Visconti Lava and Visconti Tuscan Hills stand out for their elegance and originality. Visconti Pens bring a tactile feeling back into this digital world making them a must have for every pen connoisseur. Visit Makoba India to experience their products that include some exclusive Visconti Limited Editions as well.

Wahl Eversharp

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Wahl Eversharp started in about 1915 as mechanical pencil makers, but by 1917 they were known for their fountain pens especially the Deco band collection. Like the phoenix, Wahl Eversharp came back to life after a crisis of 50 years in 1960’s when the brand Wahl eversharp was purchased back by the family. Today, Makoba showcases some of the valuable Wahl Eversharp fountain pens in India at their Makoba Pen shop in Chennai and Ahmedabad and also online on www.makoba.com


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Crafted in Paris to define elegance and style Waterman Fountain Pens, Waterman Ball Pens and Waterman Roller Pens epitomize the French style. Each pen is hand assembled and tested by an expert to make sure that the quality of their products is beyond magnificent. The brand has managed to create some fine writing instruments in the form of the Waterman Carene series and Waterman Expert Accompanying such a wide array of pens, they are also responsible for the highly demanded Waterman Inks. Visit Makoba India to get your hands on a plethora of Waterman products.


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YSTUDIO collection of designer pens from Taiwan. 

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