Pelikan 40 Years of Souveran M800 Fountain Pen - Black Green (Limited Edition)
In honor of the forty-year anniversary, Pelikan has released this new limited edition fountain pen, the Souverän M800 40 Years. The literature that accompanies this pen touts themes like permanence and adaptation while remaining true to self. The black/green striped...
Rs. 215,000.00 Rs. 193,500.00
Pelikan Herzstuck 1929 Limited Edition Fountain Pen, Black - 18K Gold Nib
The no of pieces in any limited edition pen has significance. In the case of Pelikan L.E. HERZSTUCK 1929, limited to 462 pieces, number 462 is the last three digits of the patent no DE457462 which was awarded to pelikan...
Rs. 274,000.00 Rs. 246,600.00
Pelikan Souveran M1000 Limited Edition Fountain Pen, Raden White Rays - 18K Gold Nib
Pelikan Souveran M1000 Raden White Rays Limited Edition Fountain Pen - 18K
Rs. 298,000.00 Rs. 268,200.00

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