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An Epitome of Exclusive Pens in India

             The thrill and satisfaction of owning a rare Limited Edition Pen is every pen connoisseur dream. Sometimes knowing that you are 1 of the 7 billion people on earth who own a particular model of pen is like reaching for the stars. Sometimes it’s not important alone to own a Limited edition pen. More important is to be aware that such editions are launched and you have the access to first-hand information. At Makoba, we believe in creating such experiences for our clients by helping them invest in select Limited edition or Special edition pens. Some of world’s top brands which make such collectible pens are Namiki, Montegrappa, Montblanc, Visconti, Platinum, Sailor, Caran d Ache etc. Be part of our Collectors Club and get updates to only exclusive collections as and when they are launched. Some of these exclusive pens may be on pre booking and you might just be lucky to get your hands on one such writing instrument.